Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Goodness: Open Web, Spam And Tacos

Open Web Foundation: In the last three months it seems like every time I go on the net someone has a new Screen Magnifier, some tool like WebVison or other freebie aimed at us Blind computer users. Now we have another group of Internet players, who really do mean well, coming together for the common good. And by that I mean that there is another group out there on the web that is going to tackle the issues of Web Standards. Some big names are involved and you can learn more by going to the link below.

Canned Spam Via Blogger: I use Windows Live Writer, mostly, to create posts for the blog. And I have stayed with Blogger because I’m used to it and I like some of the flexibility in the design. But seeing this article about Blogger being a delivery system for spam makes me a Sad Panda.

A Taco A Day: Subway has Jared but I like this story better. And I think we all can tell tales about our fave haunts and the way that people remember you if you go there enough..

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Good Job! :)