Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Goodness: The “Head In The Clouds” Edition

I have two themes going today. One is all about data in the Cloud. And the other is me asking a bunch of questions in each post. The latter was accidental.

A Password Stuck In My Head: Forget your password a lot? Tired of today’s CAPTCHA? How about a system where you could use your fave MP3, picture or other data instead? Well that is what some researchers thing would be a good idea.


Cloudburst: The recent downtime for Mobile Me and Gmail is pretty scary. But what if you left all your data on the cloud… and the clouds dissipated leaving you with no data? Just such a thing happened and see how devastating the new Web 2.0 can be if you go head first into the deep end of the pool with no off site physical backups.


Your Friends Are My Friends: This story is out of the UK but I can easily see companies in the US following along in new service contracts. The thing is.. are your contacts your contacts or are they the property of the company who you worked for at the time you made those networking contacts. And if you rely on services like “Linked In” should you use one account for work and one for home? Take a look at this article and decide for yourself.


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