Friday, August 08, 2008

Quick News: Dragon, Firefox And Window Eyes Beta

Here are some quick bits for a Friday afternoon.

Dragon 10: So if this is coming and J-Say just updated to JFW9 and JFW 10 is coming.. umf!

Firefox 3: This awesome FAQ for Screen Readers has been making the rounds on the blog scene. And I thought it was good to follow SUIT.

Window Eyes 7b2: The same goes with providing the link to the updated Window eyes Beta 2 release of the upcoming 7.0 line.

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brian hartgen said...

Hi. Just to say I really enjoy reading the blog as I do whenever there is a new post. Just to clarify, J-Say was updated for jaws 9 users back at the beginning of the year so people have been able to use jaws V9 since that point and as you observe we have just released a new update containing many new features. To be honest once JAWS V10 is released and everyone is happy with it I wouldn't have thought it would be too long before there would be a J-Say version to complement Dragon V10 and JAWS V10 which should be a great combination given the new abilities within NaturallySpeaking V10.