Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vista: Exploit Uses Linux And Accessibility To Gain System Level Access

I mentioned a few weeks ago under the Crystal Ball that I worried about AT being used against the purposes it was intended. Well it looks like from this Slashdot article that someone is using Utility Manager [also known as Ease of Access] and a distro of Linux to gain system level access in Vista. Check out this link for a non visual description of the video linked to within the post.


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Ethne said...

You don't call and don't write and ISN news has been down for two whole weeks. I think I may just lose what little is left of my sanity. :)

Anyway DDC has tried to contact you - but fears your old email account may have eaten it.
Hope all is well, and tell da fam I said hello. (Including the four legged members):)