Saturday, May 03, 2008

Random Goodness: The Truly Random Collection

Here's some highlights of the giant pile of links I have trolled though this week.

ATT iPhone Data Plan: Shortly after the iPhone launch AT&T got into a flap with Deaf customers who wanted a data only plan. It looks like the issues have been resolved according to Ars Technica.

Speech Recognition In Vista: I heard at CSUN 07 that Nuance was considering dropping the consumer level of Dragon if Vista's Speech Reco was indeed that good. Then half a billion people didn't run right out and buy Vista. But Microsoft is still committed to this AT because it has so much spin off potential like Microsoft's Sync. Ars talks about a new technical preview build that will update the recognition in Vista.

Crave's 8 Worst Microsoft Promos: Last month the net went crazy looking at an internal MS video celebrating Vista. It was all in jest, however, Crave was inspired to do an article showing that Microsoft has a history of releasing the same quality of video to the public.

Helpdesk Launch Pad Or Doorstop?: That Screen Reader nightmare known as Computerworld has posted a interesting article on the debate of Helpdesk support being a good starting point or the beginning of the end or your IT career.

GOOG-411 Sounds: Anyone who has used the GooG service has heard that "bitti-bitti-boop" sounds while waiting for your information. The article below explains just what those sounds actually are..

Cradle Point: Quite simply .. I want one of these things.

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