Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Press Release: HumanWare Releases KeySoft 7.5 Build 29 and offers Free Dictionary Special


HumanWare is pleased to announce the release of KeySoft 7.5 Build 29 for the BrailleNote family of products. These revisions to KeySoft are available at no charge or SMA count to current KeySoft 7.5 users.

In addition, an Oxford Concise Dictionary & Thesaurus is offered with any BrailleNote Classic or other competitive notetaker that is transplanted or traded in towards a new BrailleNote mPower. This promotion is offered by HumanWare US.

Build 29 contains 4 user improvements:

1. mPower now supports Wig-If 802.11 g protocol: A driver has been included to support the later model Ambicom WL54G Wi-Fi card. This card is more readily available than the currently supported Ambicom WL1100C. The US Robotics Wireless MAXg USB Adapter USR5421 is also supported.

2. Appointment Scheduling: The error associated with scheduling an appointment to a date other than the current day has been fixed. This previously generated an error saying that the entered date needed to be after 1601.

3. USB Device Identification: The problem causing some USB and CD ROM drives to be incorrectly identified as printers has been corrected.

4. Words Added to Spelling Dictionary: Depending on the choice of braille table, words added to the spell checker were not being retained, so appeared as spelling errors on future spell checks. This has been corrected.

We encourage existing mPower KeySoft 7.5 Users to take advantage of these free improvements as the Development Team continues working on implementing the exciting new features of a new KeySoft release for fall 2008.

The version will be available for download from our web site by Thursday May 22nd. For more information please contact Humanware US at 800-722-3393.

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