Friday, May 02, 2008

Polls: April's Poll Results And May's Poll Added

This one was over before it began. Take a look at last month's results.

April's Poll Question: Which Computer Based OCR Program Is Your Favorite?

Open Book 3 (10%)
Kurzweil 1000 18 (60%)
Cicero 0 (0%)
System Access's Document Scan 0 (0%)
Other 9 (30%)

I'm not trying to persuade anyone on this topic at all. But the new Open Book is worth a look and I have used the System Access Document Scan on the road a few times with good results as well. If you don't have an Eye Pal or another portable OCR on you.. having OCR on a pen drive is a great thing. Well as long as you can find a computer with a scanner. Then Zoom EX and Eye Pal are very helpful.

This month's poll question is one that some of you have been all waiting for...

Poll Question Of The Month: Which Note Taker/Accessible PDA Do You Want To Own?

PAC Mate Omni
Braile Sense Plus
A new Smartphone with Access Software

I imagine some out there have plans for all those refund dollars coming to you this month. And some out there may be thinking of a new gadget. So this is why I worded the question with "want" rather than "have". But feel free to answer any way you *want*.

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