Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Humanware Begins A Deaf Blind Newsletter

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Deafblind Newsletter - September 2007

Washington State ODHH Chooses HumanWare to Design and Manufacture
New DeafBlind Communicator

The Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH) in the State of Washington had a strong desire to serve the state’s deafblind population with new telecommunications technology for both TTY and face-to-face applications. Existing technology did not meet their needs. After extensive research, ODHH found that companies that were capable of producing the level of technology they needed did not have the resources to risk on such a small market.
ODHH decided to find the money required to help subsidize the development of the desired products. They put together a focus group that included deafblind individuals, as well as professionals who worked closely with the deafblind population, to come up with a specification for the
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product. They were able to secure a significant amount of money for the project and set up a bid process that attracted developers. One company stood out because of its existing position in the blindness marketplace with an extremely powerful yet easy-to-use product called BrailleNote. HumanWare was then chosen to develop the new DeafBlind Communicator.

The DeafBlind Communicator project is well underway.
Sample of Possible Satellite Communicator
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Anonymous said...

Maybe this is why my latest KeySoft 7.5 has been so buggy, they're busy doing other things. I'm sad no blog seems to care about this. We waited a year for this version of KeySoft which has very little for those of us in the UK. HumanWare released two very buggy versions of KeySoft and had to pull them both from the web site before they finally gave us all one that's acceptable. One version couldn't translate properly, the other deleted all my inbox mail. Then I got from a Google alert the info that they got rid of eight staff there in New Zealand. See the article at

Seems like this is a company on the decline in a big way.