Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Apple: Tiger, Parallels and System Access?

I know that we have established that I am not a big fan of Apple or their ideas on how accessible they are outside of OSX Tiger. But I am always a fan of whatever works and last week I saw something that impressed me to no end.

We had an Apple Rep in the other day showing us some features and third party apps for access on the Mac. As a part of his presentation he showed Parallels which is a program that allows you to run Windows on the Mac. We watched as Windows XP came up on the Tiger desktop and I, along with a co-worker, thought the same idea at the same time. Let's run System Access in XP on the Mac. And you know what? It worked.

We had SA running perfectly when we had focus in Windows XP. Then we had Apple's Voiceover running when we switched over to Tiger. It was very cool and very impressive. While I don't see me sprinting out the door to pick up a Mac Mini or anything.. I have to admit that something like this is just geektastic.

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