Friday, September 14, 2007

Feedback: Correction About The Sense View In Yesterday's Post

Aaron Smith from G.W. Micro provided some info in the comments section of yesterday's post that I thought needed to be put on the main page.

Aaron Smith said...

I just wanted to add two things about the SenseView:
1. It actually retails for $895.
2. A hand-writing camera attachment will be available for use with the SenseView very soon. We'll have an announcement on all of our e-mail lists, as well as the SenseView webpage ( once it becomes available.

Oops. Sorry for accidentally giving the wrong estimate on price. I'm honestly bad with math, numbers and prices. Hasn't stopped me yet from buying stuff though.

At this year's CSUN Chris Park showed me the attachment that Aaron mentioned above. The device fits into the expansion slot located on the right side of the Sense View. The neat thing about it is that it doesn't change the weight by much nor does it take away from the Sense View's small size either. The device, from what I remember, is slightly angled so one can write comfortably. Other so called "Writing Modes" by others in the 4 inch field of units require you to perform some finger gymnastics or have you write sideways with one of those Space Pens from NASA if you try to create even a quick Posted Note. However the coolest idea to me is that the Sense View has an expantion port period. That opens the door to several possibilities and future product releases.

Oh .. and I went back and put the right price into the other post. Sorry about that and thanks!

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Aaron Smith said...

Well, you can't trust me with numbers either; Even I can't get the price right. [grin] The correct price (the one smack dab on our catalog page -- I checked this time) is $825.

Sorry for the confusion.