Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I have been testing this version of ZT for a few months now and I am excited to see that others have a chance to see what's new in Ai Squared's flagship product. Dual monitor support is a fantastic feature for those who aren't interested in jumping to Vista right away. Fill out the survey from the following link to know more.

Update: Thanks to you guys in comments.. the link has been updated.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Ranger, that link doesn't work! Shame that, would love to know more about ZT 9.1 as the partner of a ZT user...

BTW Your blog is great. But will the new newsletter be in competition, collaboration or mere co-existence, with TTT, I wonder??

How about a piece on some freeware magnifier progs some, are any of them at all any good? Also I observe with interest that the MAC OS X accessory magnifier is full screen, and VISIO considered it as doing a favour to users to allow split screen. Surely this is the wrong way round by visio & the right way by Mac? All the low vision users I've supported hate split screen modes....

From a fellow part borg!