Friday, February 09, 2007

Vista Corner: Numbers, Readyboost And Black Viper's Tweaks

I have been saying for 18 months to every Assistive Technology Vender I met that the Vista adoption rate would be bigger, faster and stronger than what we saw in Windows XP. I have an entire rant on that coming but for now let's just have the numbers and all of you calling your particular Vender asking about Vista support do the talking.

More tweaks today. First is this neat article with some good tips on what you can do short of sticking a Flash Drive in every USB slot to speed up or make Vista more productive.

Black Viper's Tweaks for XP helped me out sooo much over the years. Heck I... borrowed.. some of his concepts for several presentations I made to IT Professionals in 2001/02. Now he is back with his opening assessment of Vista and it's many versions. I would A: Bookmark this site and B: only do these tweaks if you really, really and REALLY! feel comfortable with making drastic changes to your operating system. In other words I screwed myself over pretty badly once when experimenting. Good thing I have keystrokes and menus somewhat memorized. Oh and System Restore. Can't forget that either. Anyway here's the link.

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