Monday, February 05, 2007

A few months ago I decided that the old format was stale. A new look for a new operating system sounded good to me. Well I haven’t really changed the format much but you do see that I have changed the name. I guess the rest will come later. For now the old Tech Update is no more. Long live the RAT!

Steve’s Word Or Phrase Of The Moment


Description: In internet terms this refers to a web site that acts as a portal to others on various subjects that may interest you in a specific way. This mainly comes into play with Social Networking sites where Cloud Computing selects links that may appeal on mass to the group. An example of this would be and one that is more moderated/edited for it’s community would be

Top Tech Tid Bits: Dean has done a much better job at summing up the last two weeks in Assistive Technology releases than I could do here. Check out his update at the link below.

January Issue Of Access World : Some great articles on the Amigo and the Mobile Speak vs. Talks debate:

~~ Vista and Office Corner

Vista Performance Tests: Let’s get to the good stuff on Vista right out of the box. Here’s a link to some horse power tests of the new OS on various systems.

Family Discounts Not Working? Every launch has it’s problems. But offering someone something then not coming through on day of release when people want to spend their money? This just isn’t cool.

Speech Recognition In Vista Too Good? It looks like if the Moon is aligned with Mars and you leave your microphone on and a whole bunch of other stuff.. someone could take over your system through Vista’s Speech Recognition.

Security Now: There has been a lot said about why Vista’s Digital Rights Management is so prevalent in the new operating system. One of the best analysis and commentary on this issue I have heard yet is in this issue of the Security Now podcast. Download the show at the link below.

Vista Tips/Tricks from PC Magazine: About half of these are good. The other half.. eh.,1895,2088459,00.asp

New York Heart Vista: Think that people are going to slowly move to Vista? Well 3.5 million just made the switch in New York.

Inside The Vista Kernel: Straight up geek talk about the programming challenges in Vista.

Vista Service Pack 1: Here’s a bit more about the upcoming Service Pack 1 currently scheduled for August 07.

Open Document Format Converter For Office 2007: As promised the Add On is on the web and can be added to Office Suites from Microsoft.

Office 2007 Keyboard Commands Explained? This is unfortunately a little screen shot driven but still a good read.

~~ Futureproof

This section will feature new tech that is either on it’s way or it just sounds too good to be true. Either way it caught my ear and I thought it was worth a look.

Reqall: This new device may just be in the concept stages but CNET makes it sound very interesting for those who wish to use their voices instead of a keyboard.

The Microsoft Ultimate Keyboard: This sounded really interesting until

Flash Drives That Will Rule The World: Eventually we will all be flash.

Microsoft Home Server: It’s sad I know but I really will end up buying one of these. Check out the description below to see that the unit doesn’t even come with a monitor, keyboard or mouse. It’s a real server that connects to your home network through this technology that doesn’t need wires. It’s all the rage with the kids these days.

~~ Diversions

This section is devoted to those funny things that others may or may not bludgeon you with in emails at work. No not chain emails promising that Bill Gates will send you money. But we do have a Bill Gates link if that helps any. Again these are just for fun. Everyone needs fun I tell you.

Bill Gates runs like a girl: G4’s old humor driven Macworld Keynote where a Steve Jobs impersonator cracks on Bill Gates.

Apple iPHONE’s hidden features: As seen on Conan O’Brian.

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