Saturday, February 17, 2007

Calm Before The Storm

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. Things are just crazy in flux with everyone gearing up before CSUN. The pre show notices come around, the show happens and all the new product rolls in for review/use. But this time it's a little unique because of Vista. Some betas have gone public and some are about to release product in the wild. And then we get to do product testing again this summer near or during convention if Vista's Service Pack 1 does release in August. Whew..

I want to do some clean up around here and change a few things. I also want to ell you all how it's going with the hybrid XP/Vista first install. However.. today is my day of rest as I play catch up on my podcast listening, my Tivo watching and maybe if I am lucky I can find some time to say hello to my poor neglected PS2.

I will say that things are going better with Vista than I expected quite frankly. Crashes were easily recovered, the quality of the public betas I am using for access is pretty strong and when things do go horibly wrong the improved Narrator is there to save my bacon.

I still say buy a new box with Vista pre installed. And waiting until the holidays might be better because the hardware support that's coming is going to be just fantastic. Even though my Dell XPS 400 is less than a year old by a month.. I am buying new again in 08 most likely. That way I can be prepared for the next version of Windows rumored for late 2009. And then the cycle can begin again. Whew.. maybe I will fit in a nap right after that part about me catching up with my Tivo.

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