Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Too Much Entertainment And Not Enough Down Time To Enjoy It!!

In high school I used to think about how cool it was gonna be to be able to afford the toys, games and other bobbles I was amassing in my Geek stock pile. But I had no idea that my hobbies would become jobs in their own right.

When I was 7 I wanted to be a DJ. I studied and memorized and practiced reading copy. And man do I have a nice music collection. But it's hard to realize that the job you want as a kid doesn't pay very well as an adult. Nor did I know at the time that the satisfaction of Radio can be a one sided affair.

My love of movies and Laser Discs got me into my next gig in Home Theater sales. I was actually paid, thank you Tandy/Radio Shack, to sit on my behind and watch movies. I would then take said movies and work out the best scenes for demonstration on new or crappy equipment we needed to sell. DCM speakers, for example, were great for action movies but they sounded like tin cans for music lovers. Anyway a hobby once again ended up being a job.

I ended up working at Gateway's Technical Support department by a fluke action from a friend. I had come back to Houston after closing Incredible Universe Dallas [and a real brief stent at the first Fry's store up there] looking for something to do. My pal suggested that I would learn tons about computers in just 30 days on the phones. And he was so right. Again.. hobby equals job.

As I was learning about computers myself I ended up being the family member everyone called to fix their computers over the phone. Research became the key and through research I learned that there was more than just Zoom Text and JAWS in the world of computer access. I then went semi pro by doing Assistive Technology Training on the side. Which then led me into my current gig as a government drone. Hobbies win again.

The thing is that I get so focused on the things I do because they are things I like doing. Which now leads me back the subject line. I, the Geek Adult, now have money for my hobbies and because of my schedule I don't have the time to relish in my rewards. Tivo has robbed me of any life beyond my scheduled grid of shows. I must have all my cable channels available as it would be a world ending calamity if there was something on that wife and I may wish to view only to be blocked by subscription. And now I have this brand new Smackdown Vs. RAW 2006 for the Playstation 2.. and I have to go to some boring conference and do what will probably end up being an equally borring presentation. That's right! I can actually get tired of hearing myself people. Let those jokes go to a nice resting place because I already know and feel the same way sometimes.

Thoughts of packing up the PS2 with a RF Adaptor for down time in the hotel have crossed my mind though. But that would be just sad.. hmmm.. I think that cable is in the bedroom closet behind the stack of audio books I swear I am going to read some day.

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The Xorsysd said...

Ya know, I'm going to have to agree with you! Hobbies CAN lead to jobs, but I don't have the job as a videogame tester... *sobs* Instead I break software... It's all good!