Friday, November 11, 2005

iZoom 2 Go Now With Fewer Strings Attached

As a follow up to the news on iZoom 1.2 from I bring you a report on iZoom for your USB drive.

Here's my problem with this software. As bad as some may feel about the version changes and frequency of upgrades for major venders you can't argue that, in most cases, the software works overall. Free and cheap come at a more substantial and hidden price. There is more compatibility withtoday's technology than ever before because these major companies have spent time, effort and money to get users to a level where they can compete with their sighted co-workers. Research and Development is manditory and frankly it costs money. There's no cheap or free solution to good access technology people. You can't win if you don't play and that means you save your pennies and go with what works from a company that supports their product.

There.. I said it. Remember that this also comes from the guy who recognizes that Microsoft is the devil you know and Linux is the devil that's just inaccessible with today's Assistive Technology.

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