Thursday, November 10, 2005

New CCTV By Ash On The Way

Recently we met with Ash Technologies and we were shown a new Portable CCTV Unit. The unit is still in the prototype stages and it might be shown publicly at ATIA in January.

The unit has a possible product name, which I can’t divulge, and it fits it’s space age look and feel. This new unit looks like a small Laptop and is 7 Lbs. in weight. It opens up clam shell/laptop like with the top half of the unit being the 7 inch LCD color display. The bottom half of the unit houses the mouse camera which some might recognize from the Liberty Solo designs. The mouse cam can be used inside the unit and the entire unit can be rolled back and forth like Optelec’s Traveler. The camera, however, can also be removed from the bottom portion and used like the Liberty’s mouse.

The unit is rechargeable and it can go 3 hours plus on a single charge. The 7 inch screen is wide like the Liberty and the camera may or may not be included with a retractable cord. The silver casing also makes it look like a Gateway Solo Laptop and this is said to be on course with the Laptop feel/design.

The unit has color filtering modes and a nice array of shading hues. It’s color chip had not been optimized in the prototype, however, what we did see was crisp and bright. Smearing was not as evident as in some models of it’s size plus the wide screen made line reading a breeze.

The price point of the unit had not been decided upon yet but we were told that it was to fall in line with other products of it’s ilk. Then we learned that it was to replace the Liberty Solo 7 inch model. That means it’s going to fall in line with the rest of the prices in the mid line Portable CCTV market.

I will post a link to this unit when it is publicly unveiled..

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