Wednesday, November 09, 2005

November 05 Tech Update: The Never Ending Patches Edition.

Steve’s Word Of The Month
Root Kit
Definition: A Root Kit is a piece of Malware [Malicious Software] used by Hackers to get your computer to do something without you knowing it when some other program is in use. Sony recently modified a Root Kit to have your computer block you from ripping Sony CDs and other Sony products. There’s now a patch out to remove the software, however, it’s harder than Gator to find the thing and remove it completely. See more about this on Slashdot.

Lightning Round

Again we have more quick bits to talk about so brace yourself for the return of the Lightning Round.

` I will be posting a bunch of content from people like former ATU staff member Bob Wiley and other poor unsuspecting ATU staff on my Blog over the next few weeks. Check out the Blog for stuff that doesn’t make it into the updates at:

` Scansoft is no more. The new company’s name is Nuance and you can find them at:

` The new J-Say Standard and Pro are now available. This program now garners full support from Freedom Scientific which means bad news for Jawbones. See the new version of J-Say at:

` Kurzweil has a patch up for the recently released 10.0. Download the patch at:

` There’s a new patch for Keysoft. This patch addresses a shutdown error with some mPower units. Download Keysoft 6.2 at:

` Zoom Text has updated it’s self on Halloween to For all intensive purposes let’s just say 9.01 and be done with things. The patch addresses a few Firefox and Office issues. It also disables the custom dictionary for Neospeech in 9x by the way. Get the update from here:

` Window Eyes 5.5 is now official and on line at the GW site. Get the specs at:

` November’s Windows Updates are up. Only two this month with entries in Security and Malware programs. There is also an optional Windows Media WMDRM update which is about 6 meg. Otherwise the updates are small this month. The update that is huge, about 22 MB, is the one for .NET 2.0. And it takes a long time to install as well. It’s optional and you don’t have to run it if your not a .NET fan.

` The new version of AVG is said to be fairly good with Screen Reader access. I am wide open to opinions on this by the way. Get the latest version from :

` Adobe Acrobat is now at 7.05. The update feature in Acrobat is problematic. You may have to uninstall and reinstall Acrobat to get to the newest version with greater ease. Also be sure to avoid the extra software that Yahoo and others like to attach to Acrobat.

` The dates for the next Trainer Workshop are semi set. Feb 23rd and 24th are our target dates. More on this soon.

` Check out last week’s Top Tid Bits newsletter for some interesting information:

` A great way to learn about the new stuff in AT is listening to Main Menu from ACB Radio. They have updated their archives and I highly recommend taking a look.

~~ “Hand Held Mayhem”

Be aware that there are some new versions of Hand Held CCTV units on the market. Remember that newer Telesensory Pico units display in blue and yellow Hughes as well as the standard color/Black and White modes. Ash Technologies updated their Quick Look unit in July. It now has multiple color filtering modes and a sharper display. Be careful not to mention these newer features with consumers who have older units as you might go down a path you did not intend to venture down originally.

~~ “iZoom To Your Wallet”

Remember that stuff about iZoom being free? Well the free version is very limited. now offers a new updated version for $79 with other features. Check out the info from the Screen Magnifiers Home Page:

~~ “UnOpened Office Accessibility”

The new Open Office 2.0 project has hit a few snags since it’s initial posting last month. Incompatibility with Access Software is one thing but try no compatibility with Microsoft Office. For once MS isn’t the bad guy.

~~ “You’ve Got A Seat In The Front Rowwww!”

Apple is working on a version of Windows XP Media Edition and it’s name is Front Row. Between this and Tiger’s Automator you could really impress the neighbors on Movie Night.

~~ “Today Is A Good Day To Buy Trek!”

Not exactly the Klingon battle cry but what Klingon wouldn’t love to own every Trek series and movie on DVD? 212 discs and over 600 hours of viewing pleasure. See the price of this thing at Amazon.

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