Friday, December 30, 2011

My Top Ten Stories Of 2011: Number 9

And now it starts to get interesting. The panel agreed on several of the top stories for the year, however, the order of importance varied between us. And if you read the link below..

… you will see the ninth story according to the tabulated votes. You won’t see that one on my list. But you will see a related story in my voting later on in the countdown. And now, here is my selection for the ninth place story.

GW Skype Released
in a crazy world of tweeting, Facebook status liking, Stumble Upon users, one must do what one must to be heard over the white noise to get your message out there. And yes, sorry folks, that message can be advertising based. For the internet’s series of tubes and pipes are funded mostly by ads rather than good intentions. However, both lay at the feet of GW Skype. No matter how you feel about this clever use of technology, the fact of the matter is that the Blind can and will hear more advertising going forward as the traditional business model of Assistive Technology changes in 2012 and beyond. Besides, where do you think Google gets all their money from? It doesn’t happen by raising Unicorns near the Rainbow Bridge on Gumdrop Mountain for a petting zoo near the Emerald City. Nope, and you aren’t in Kansas anymore either Dorothy.

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crashmaster said...

I must say this is advertising I can handle.
Google has adds but I tolerate those, they need to get the cash, they have the fastest search engine and don't mind showing their speed.
They have secure global mail which I use extensively and would usually rate over isp mail.
They do have some visual things like buzz and yes their youtube and google site is a bit loopy but over all they actually have stuff you would want to use.
Gwskype, Gwmicro's skype thing has been liked by all
Some complained they were getting limited things and some things that were in skype were not in this one. Part of that ofcause is due to the webkit version on skype not being up to the current skype client.
However, both were at first versions.
I put a support quary on the subject of some of those limits like hotkeys.
Gw was quick to respond, well not to me but an update released the next day had the feature in it.
Both are new clients in a sence.
Gw told us about the adds.
This is free, and I don't mind the ocational add during or before the program runs.
It would be different if accessable software started using spyware, which downloaded other malware and adds to your computer though.
Adds are probably the way foreward in this like any industry it needs to survive.
Its one reason why I don't use add blockers at all.
Sites need to make cash, I have ones I visit on a regular basis.
I even allow their adds to pop up and open.
One of these days I will donate to those sites, though who knows when that will be.
Ofcause you do get bad adds, and the correct responce is to contact the site admins and not to block all adds.
Many people associate adds for being bad.
But not all are, same with cookies, etc.
Ofcause its another thing if they get in the way.