Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Top Ten Of 2011: Number 8

I’d be super silly not to agree with the panel’s choice for the number eight story. After all, I do co-host a podcast on Google Android accessibility with That Android Sho. Er, available from and you can follow us on Twitter at if you want to know more. But, plug over, here is the link to the number eight story.

My number eight story is my version of the pannel’s selection for number nine. I look at it from another side of the coin. A one dollar coin if you will.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing Launches EyeNote App to Help the Blind and Low vision
App Developers, especially on the Android platform, must wrestle the monster of being a better app that costs someone money over the option of a free alternative. Look Tell, who burst onto the scene with some labeling it as one of those “must have” apps, ran headlong into this when the release of a free competing money reader app hit the iOS App Store earlier this year. To their credit, Look tell has expanded on to reading the currencies of other countries, however, this does again show that you cannot always rely on the creed of “One app, one task, 99 cents”. To hold onto users you must either invest in a suite of like-minded apps, thereby driving up the price, or you stay with the creed at your own peril.

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