Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Top Ten Stories For 2011: Story Number 10

The year has flown by at a rapid clip for me,. Yes there were tons of things that happened in AT, mainstream technology and in the world of Entertainment, but none of them really stood out as being one of those “Bill and Ted” “Whoa!” moments. The voting for this year’s Blind Bargains list is all over the place due to this lack of a major story not running away with the voting. JJ summarizes it well in the number 10 story in the post below.

I’m eager to see what the others on the panel have chosen, and further still, I’m also looking forward to January 5th’s SeroSpectives where we will discuss the top stories of 2011. That is coming up on January 5th via Accessible Event and iBlink Radio. Links coming up shortly. In the meantime, as a sneak peak, below is my selection as the 10th story in AT for 2011.

Bookshare announces Read2Go App: DAISY reader for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
The underlying theme of 2011 was Mobile apps. Android, Apple or whatever. If it was mobile then you needed to be on it in order to grow your brand awareness. For some that was easier said than done as in the case with any app that goes against something that Apple deems as a competitor to their own holdings. Such was the case for Bookshare with their multiple attempts, reconfigurations and work arounds needed in order to have their app approved by Cupertino. Their struggles, like Blio saw later on in the year, outlined the craziness that comes in the restrictive nature of the new world order of App Store distribution. Hint, don’t say “Books” in the title of your app!

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