Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Windows 7 RC Released To The Public

Microsoft has made available the new RC 7100 build of Windows 7 to the general masses. The RC build will be free to download until July and it will expire in June 2010. That date puts it past the official release date of Office 2010 by the way. So there is no hurry to download the RC.. but the servers went on line some hours ago and I'm doing it now. Therefore.. go download it at this link.


Peer pressure!

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Casey Mathews said...

I love windows7. I've been using it with Jaws, and System Access. More with System Access than Jaws at this point, though I expect Jaws to get in the game soon.

Install takes about 25 minutes. And is parcially supported via Narrator. Just press windows+U followed by alt+N then enter. I believe it has to restart once for this to work.
Have fun!