Wednesday, May 20, 2009

7: XPM, RC Reviews And The Return Of The Upgrade Advisor

XPM Compatibility: I’m slow. Mark Taylor blogged what I’ve been meaning to blog or Tweet for a while. Steve Gibson, from GRC and the “Security Now” podcast, has a program called Securable which wasn’t intended to help you know if your computer can run XP Mode in 7, however, it does let you know if you can run XP Mode in 7 none the less. You may have to use your Virtual Cursors on some Screen Readers to get the info though. When you run the program look for the “VT” column to know if you can or cannot run a Virtual program on your computer. But read Mark’s post for the link to Securable first..

7RC Review: Paul at the Super Site for Windows has posted part four of his four part review of the 7100 build. The link below is to part one and the part four link is on the right side of the page or can easily be found in a list box for Screen Readers.

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta: Mark was blunt in his link above. Now it is my turn. I’m not a fan of these upgrade advisors. The Vista one was very misleading and this one is better. But that isn’t saying much if the last one scored a 0 in my book. Still, some use this thing and find it helpful. Remember that this tool is in beta. So you may want to reinstall it once the final version ships.

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