Sunday, June 29, 2008

More From Dallas; JAWS 10, Victor Reader Stream and Trekker Breeze

Okay gang it has been one long day of me seeing products. And I promise to go into more details about everything. However.. for now I’m just going to give you the headlines.

JAWS 10: The public beta is being readied for an August release. The final product is set for a release some time in the 4th quarter. Need more info? Alright I’ll tell you a bit more because I like you. How about Realspeak Solo Direct, copying a web page without stripping out everything when you paste it into Word or Outlook and even better support for running Magic andJAWS at the same time? If that isn’t enough then you will have to wait until I translate my poor dumb shorthand with this terrible laptop keyboard later on in the week.

Victor Reader Stream 2.0: Probably about the time you read this on Monday, June 30th, you will be able to download the free update to VRS 2.0. That’s right.. free. Better volume control for the internal speaker, play unprotected WMA files [including some lossless formats] and now you can read rich text files too. There is tons more but you probably stopped reading already and you have another tab open on your browser with a broken F5 key. So go to this site after you visit the home page for the update link..

Trekker Breeze: I’ll go into more on this and the presentation later. But for now here is what you all have wanted to know. The price is 895 dollars. And it is perfect for the person who needs assistance on fixed routes. Again more later as this device is totally misunderstood for what they are aiming for in it’s range and scope.

Tomorrow I’ll hit the Exhibits. I may even find time to transcribe my other notes. No, don’t count on that on second thought. Unless I cash in my Starbucks gift card.. mmm..

Bye for now!

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Anonymous said...

Check out Code Factory's Mobile Geo also and let us know more about it. They published a press release yesterday about preordering for a discount ( I like the fact that I have many mainstream devices to choose from, and can easily upgrade the hardware to the latest and greatest cell phone at the time. Would be nice to have just one device for GPS and other stuff, too. Thanks.