Sunday, June 01, 2008

May's Poll Results And June's Poll Question Added

Here are the numbers for last month's poll.

May's Poll Question Results: Which Note Taker/Accessible PDA Do You Want To Own?

PAC Mate Omni 6 (21%)
mPower 3 (10%)
Icon 1 (3%)
Braile Sense Plus 3 (10%)
A new Smartphone with Access Software 14 (50%)
Other 1 (3%)

I'll be up front and honest... The PAC Mate number surprises me. Don't get me wrong here but the PAC Mate upgrade is very compelling. You get Windows Mobile 6, the ability to use Wireless G and the Power Point Viewer. And if you have a PM then by all means go out and upgrade the unit. I just don't know if the Mate is the thing I would want when faced with today's options in the PDA/Note Taker arena. Still to each his or her own and I can't argue with numbers or the previous success of the PM.

Speaking of numbers... how about that Mobile Phone number. That is good news for Mobile Speak, Talks and others. I'm sure a few of those who selected that option also dreamed of the N 82 and a little somthin' somethin' right? Perchance to dream I guess.

Honorable mention has to go to GW Micro for the buzz they have gathering on the new updated Braille Sense Plus. Now if they would only pin a few arms back in korea and get them to get us a QWERTY version of that thing! Sigh.. what did I just say about dreaming?

While we are dreaming let us consider what else we would do if money happened to be no object. June begins the big convention season. So why not a poll question on...

June's Poll Of The Month: If money fell out of the sky I would go to which Convention?

Sight Village
Closing The Gap
ACB National Convention
NFB National Convention

I've been to three out of that list. Sadly one of them wasn't Sight Village. Yikes! I would be so broke if I did go. One day of that trip would have to be to *the* Tenth Planet for a ton of Sci Fi gear I can't get in the States. Daleks, Cybermen and Torchwood everywhere. Oh the customs fees! Oops, sorry dreaming again.

I am more than likely heading back to Dallas this year to meet up with a lot of my friends in the biz. So I guess I will have to add a "plus one" to the NFB number when this poll ends.

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Wayne said...

The big advantage, as I see it, to the Omni is the fact that you don't lose any data when or if the battery goes completely flat. In fact, its safe to tsay that you nearly have to "accidentally" erase the data in order to totally erase it. Also, the Omni doesn't lose any data if the unit experiences a hard reset. Aside from all of the other software and OS advances and improvements that were made, or if the ability to retain data was all that was added to the Omni, I'd still pay for the upgrade. Add to that the competitive pricing structure that FS released when the Omni came out, and you've got quite a combination. To be fair, its pretty nifty to put Office 2007 documents in Word Mobile on my Omni and have them read perfectly well, but if I can't insure that the data will still be there after a 0% battery reading or a hard reset, then those other software and OS improvements won't get me very far if I don't have the Office 2007 documents to work with.