Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It’s All In The XPerience

I’m trying to finish up part 2 of my look back at my NFB Vista thingy but ,wouldn’t you know it, XP won’t leave me alone. Below are some XP points of interest to see while I try and get us back on the road with Vista.
Dell, Windows XP and $50: The customer is always right, however, that doesn’t mean they get to pay less for that right. 50 dollars more and you too can downgrade a box to run software on hardware that was designed for Vista rather than XP. And good luck finding official drivers after a year when all development shifts to Vista and Windows 7 exclusively.. “This sounds like a job for Open Sourccceeee!”

Windows XP On An iPhone: Oh I am so loving this. Sure it is Citrix, however, there is just something so right about the thousands of people who run Microsoft on their little Apple hardware platforms. I mean Microsoft Office is the most popular software on the Mac. So why not XP, everyone’s fave Operating System, on the iPhone? You have to admit that it is a little beter than Windows Mobile 2003!,130061733,339289801,00.htm?omnRef=1337

Windows XP SP3: The Windows Super Site looks longingly back at XP but cautions that nostalgia rose colored glasses are no match for what Vista offers in today’s computing. Here’s the link…

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