Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Quick News: Pac Mate Update, Victor Reader Stream Update And USB Kurzweil K3000

Consider some of this news as me being fashionably late to several parties. As you can tell I am cleaning out my Inbox again during my vacation. And so I post some of this stuff a week.. or a month.. later than usual.

Pac Mate: Something that I think is always worth a mention is when a company releases an update to existing older products when the update or new version looms right around the corner. And dropping that update for free is a cool bonus to boot. Check out the newly posted PAC Mate updates for battery improvements at the link below.

Victor Reader Stream: not many people I know who have this little device have bad things to say about it when I corner them in dark alleys to take their units from them. Uh.. okay they usually say that they wished it supported Audible content right before I try and reach for the little box. So I use that point to try and buy the unit off of them for the cheap when my stealing tactic doesn't work. Well now it looks like it does support Audible in the latest update from Humanware. Drat! Foiled again..

K 3000 USB: I assume that this new version of the kurzweil K3000 Pen Edition is aimed squarely at the Education market. Of course you know what they say about "assuming" don't you? See the details at the link below to know more.

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