Wednesday, November 21, 2007

5 Video Magnifiers In 5 Days: Day 3 The I Stick

Please remember that this series of posts are designed only to let you know about Video Magnifiers that either have just come to market or who might not get the fanfare you might hear from a big marketing push. I urge everyone to always seek one of these units out and see it for yourself before you EVER! purchase these or any Video Magnifier. Think of them like shoes. Only you know what will fit you best.

Yesterday I mentioned how the smaller units have just exploed onto the scene. Today I throw the focus on another growing segment. The computer assisted Video Magnifier options seem to be changing all the time. One you may not know about, unless you are in Europe, is the I-Stick.

Optron I-Stick

OPTRON i-stick

Some Key Features include:

  • The i-Stick’s swivel arm folds for easy packing,
  • It sits at an angle for a large magnification area.
  • And can be straightened to a very high camera position for a better view of the blackboard and a 360 degree surround view.

Learn more from the product page..

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