Sunday, November 04, 2007

October's Poll Results And New November Poll Posted

Here are the results of October 2007's poll.

Poll Question: If you were to buy a new computer between now and this time next year you would choose which Operating System??

Windows XP for as long as I can get it 11 votes (28%)

Windows Vista Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate 15 votes (38%)

Some version of Linux 4 votes (10%)

Windows Server Family of products 0 votes (0%)

I'm buying a Mac with OSX 10.5 Leopard 9 votes (23%)

There is a lot that could be read into those results. On one hand some could say that Vista isn't scaring away people. But on the other hand 11 people voted that XP is the way to go. And then there are the 9 who voted for Mac but will probably end up running a version of Windows on said Mac making the choice to go Mac even more confusing. Unless you go with the well worn concept that itunes and ipods are spinning off into secondary hardware sales for Apple. Like I said many interesting results.

The one number, that being 0, is not surprising. In all my latest discussions with the big wigs from most of the big named AT Venders Server and x64 support is on the eventual roadmaps for many of their upcoming projects. In other words.. not very soon will we see that support come right out of the box for most products on the market today. And this is purely understood as a market demand issue. When more of us general users become savvy enough to hang in those markets the AT industry will move their development from the older folks and Education markets to more competitive IT driven designs.

Now before you stop reading and skip right down to the comments section to tell me that these users already exist know that I totally agree with you. I'm just passing along what I know so far. If you want a particular feature you have to ask for it in kind, politely worded requests at Convention or in snail mail. Emails just don't cut it gang. Too easy to delete and all that. Remember that these companies are trying to make things work with a lot of platforms they have never had to deal with before. Multiple versions of operating systems, three zillion unique combinations of video and audio. . tons of web browsers. Ah! And here comes our next poll question.

Poll Question For November: If Stuck On A Deserted Island With Only One Web Browser I Would Choose?

Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 7
Any Version Of Firefox

This one should prove to be as interesting if not more so than the last poll. For everything there is a "Fanboy". And so far in the last few polls we have not seen a decisive winner. I wonder if this one will break the trend..

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Darrell said...

I am actually a bit concerned that, at this time, there is absolutely no support by any screen reader for any of the 64-bit versions of Windows. What happens if one's job for some reason requires the ability to run on that platform?