Monday, October 01, 2007

Vista Tip: How To Get The Juice Podcatcher To Work In Vista

On last week's Main Menu Live there was a discussion on which Podcatchers were suitable in today's world for AT programs. Like Darryl I too came back to Juice for all my podcast needs. The problem is that Juice is not officially supported in Vista. What I came up with were some steps you can take that will allow you to install Juice in Vista. I go one extra step than others out there and for me this seems to be the magic bullet for making the program more stable for my needs. One warning though.. If you have already tried to install Juice under Vista these steps may not change your Juice's current status. You may have to remove Juice entirely from your system in order for this to work. Also if you have tried to install Juice with Vista's Shadowcopy enabled this tends to make the steps not work either as Vista returns them into the active registry under a reboot. My best results came with doing this method on a clean drive or one that had never seen Juice before.

So first thing is first. We need a copy of Juice. You can locate the Windows version at the link below. Download the .exe into a file you can easily find.

Now that you have the file on your drive you want to browse to it and do the following steps..

  1. Find the file in your folders and Application Key or right click on the file then go to "Properties".
  2. Next, find the Compatibility tab up at the top of the box. It's right next to General which is where you are now.
  3. Tabbing once will place focus into a check box for running this program in Compatibility Mode. If this box is not already checked then do so now as we need this to make these steps work.
  4. Tab once into the combo box and select the "Windows XP Service Pack 2" option.
  5. Tab out of that box and look for another check box entitled "Run this program as an Administrator". Place a check mark in this box.
  6. Go down and click OK.
  7. Next you want to go ahead and install Juice as you normally would under Windows XP. You may or may not have to restart your system depending on a number of outside factors.
  8. Now here is where things go a bit more like what others have suggested on other blogs. You want to go to "Computer" and then to the drive where your version of Windows Vista resides.
  9. From there browse down to Program Files then to the Juice file folder.
    Once inside that folder look for the "juice.exe" and right click/Application Key that file. Go to "Properties".
  10. This will sound very familiar but go back to the Compatibility tab, select the check box for running the program in Compatibility mode, tab into the combo box and choose Windows XP Service Pack 2, select the "Run as an Administrator" option and then click OK.
  11. We are not done yet. We want to now run Juice from the desktop shortcut or from the Programs Menu. Hopefully if all went well you won't see any User Account Control boxes if we did all are steps right. Don't be concerned though if you do see one as this isn't a sign that things didn't work.
  12. Once inside the Program we have to do one big thing. Go up to File and then go to Prefrences.
    In Prefrences you need to go down to the area that asks you where to download your podcasts to on your system. Click Browse and choose your Downloads or Documents folder. Just about any other folder will work. You just don't want the default option. Once done choose OK. When you close Juice for the first time after all these steps it is not uncommon to get a log error. You haven't broken anything and the program should work just fine the next time you run Juice.

It took a few tries on a few poor unfortunate unsuspecting computer systems before I found a method that works more often than not. Feel free to put a comment below if you have a different way of making this work or if these steps lead you astray.


Anonymous said...

almost worked

Anonymous said...

doesn't work for me on Vista Home Premium

mw said...

Love Juice. Been using in in XP for nearly two years. Now in Vista, Juice runs fine but fails after every reboot. I reinstall after every reboot, but it's a royal pain. Tried your suggestions but the situation remains the same.


incurable hippie said...

Thank you! It works :D

Alan said...

I tried the steps you suggested but it wouldn't run, so I couldn't do step 12. However, after reading here:

I downloaded his/her ipodder.cfg file, deleted all the content and simply wrote: download_dir = 'D:\\podcasts'. It automatically created the podcasts folder. I am doing this for colleagues that all have a D drive. I placed the ipodder.cfg file in C:\Program Files\Juice. It worked. If you just use Notepad to create a file called ipodder.cfg and enter these words - or change the D to C, then it should work.

Anonymous said...

You have a broken link there but it doesn't matter. Just edit the cfg file. Change My Documents to Documents.

AeroDesigns Web Design said...

Many thanks for sharing the instructions - I was having problems trying to find the ipodder.cfg file, then realised that you first have to run the program in Compat mode for it to create the file. Thanks :)

yp said...

Man just got it to work on Vista after days of trial and error!

Thanks alot for the tips Mr. Ranger Station.

Anonymous said...

worked like a charm, thanks for the post