Friday, October 26, 2007

The JAWS 9.0 Public Betas Keep On Coming..

One of the things I learned from all my time in working with AT Venders on private beta testing is that the info we testers submit is limited to the equipment we testers have at hand. When you go public then, and only then, do the training wheels come off and you find out that this code doesn't work with some piece of equipment from 2001 or what not. My hat is off to the gang at FS for responding and reposting to the public beta so much this go around. I hope the info they are getting continues to be valid!

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Eric Damery said...

I will say the the feedback via the public beta form has been great. We have thousands of users taking advantage of the public beta and the entire team at FS is very excited about the all the positive responses to date.
Eric Damery
Freedom Scientific, Inc.