Tuesday, October 02, 2007

September's Poll Results And New October Poll Posted

Here are the results of the first Ranger Station poll.

Poll Of The Month: If money were no object I would buy which Screen Reader/Review program first?

G.W. Micro's Window Eyes: 10 votes (38%)

Serotek's System Access: 3 votes (11%)

Dolphin's Supernova or HAL: 3 votes (11%)

Freedom Scientific's JAWS: 9 votes (34%)

Other: 1 vote (3%)

Looks like the gang in Indiana has a following. Remember those of you who would like to own a copy of Window Eyes may want to look into their installment options for a low cost method of buying this Screen Reader. See more at the G.W. Micro homepage at..


Now for this month's question. Tomorrow on Main Menu the topic will be hardware and upgrading your computer system. Since Microsoft just gave a reprieve to the death of XP for a few more months I think this question should be asked..

If you were to buy a new computer between now and this time next year you would choose which Operating System??

Windows XP for as long as I can get it
Windows Vista Basic/Home Premium/Business
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows Server Family of products
I'm buying a Mac with OSX 10.5 Leopard
Some version of Linux
I'm not buying a computer anytime soon

The poll is located at the top right of the page. Even if you aren't buying a system next year you can still toss in your opinion. And thanks to everyone who voted in the last poll too!


Anonymous said...

I can understand people liking the WE program, but the GW Micro customer service is so abismal as to totally right the product off in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

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