Saturday, June 30, 2007

PAC Mate Omni and JAWS 9

PAC Mate: Jeff Bishop must be reading his RSS feeds faster than I am this convention weekend. He got this press release up way faster than me. I tell you I really start slacking when I am not at convention. Here's the link to the Freedom Scientific PR on the upcoming fall upgrade for PAC Mate owners. Pricing inside..

JAWS 9: I guess because I beta test so many products these days I end up reading a lot of release notes very very carefully. But it still surprised me when so many others I know didn't see this at the top of the Enhancements portion of the 8.0.2173 release docs.

Freedom Scientific is proud to announce that JAWS 8.0 has officially
completed its public beta test cycle with Windows Vista. The feedback the public
provided was extremely helpful, and, as a result of the reports provided, we
addressed many issues ensuring that JAWS 8 is working smoothly and seamlessly
with Vista. While not every comment and suggestion could be addressed at this
time, we have incorporated many changes already for JAWS 9, coming out in
September 2007

To read more about the new 6/21 release of JAWS 8 go here..

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