Saturday, June 30, 2007

The IPhone Is A Great Talking Point

We all know that I am soo not the Apple fan. And the iPhone is the ultimate symbol of that company's "ilusion of choice" mentality. But the shiny new bobble from the company who gives you semi Universal Access in anything that isn't Mac OSX is a perfect and easy tool for showing others how we as Blind consumers are locked out of the mainstream marketplace.

When that friend, relative, old college buddy or trendy as all get out co-worker plunks this over priced flavor of the week down for all to see .. you wait until the "ooos" and "aaahhaa" are over. Then you calmly ask this person to close their eyes and then use this wonderful new amazing piece of... er um.. technology.

Here's a hint. There is no keypad to speak of and there is no voice dialing either.

Okay this exercise doesn't really do much other than embarrass and guilt trip those around you, however, in some cases it might just end up proving a point to those around you who just don't get why we get so mad about general access and the lack of universal design. I hate when I have to "raise the white cane in anger' and 'fly that flag" but honestly.. a $600 freaking phone? Whatever.

Anyway the usual remark I make to the tech community when I am asked about this darn phone is "And what generation is your current iPod?". Usually reminding people how fast and often Apple redesigns the same products ends up making a bigger and better end to the debate at hand.

By the way. To see how others are finding out the hip over the hype read the link below. I honestly did NOT go looking for this link. It was on the Digg top 10.. no realy .. it was.. stop looking at me like that...shheesshh.

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