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Dolphin Computer Access Newsletter for June 07

Here's the latest from Dolphin. Oh and if you get a chance hit their site and read their Vista FAQ. Some real good info there. For now here is their latest newsletter.

It's been a while since we've been in touch; it goes without saying that the Dolphin team have not been idle during this time and so we have lots of news to update you with which will explain why we've been so busy!
EasyConverter released.

Creating accessible text just got easier with our latest addition to the altformat family - EasyConverter. With a wide range of input and output file formats; EasyConverter enables you to offer your readers the choice of format that suits them best. Need to turn printed papers into Braille, PDFs in to MP3 audio? - no problem. With the new disability equality laws in place this tool is invaluable for Employers, Schools and public sector organisations alike.
Read the full story <>
Visit the EasyConverter product page <>
Registered for your free Vista Upgrade?

Users of Dolphin Hal, Lunar, LunarPlus or SuperNova version 7 will qualify for a free of charge upgrade to the new release of version 8 which will include support for Windows Vista. Please note: You need to register for this so don't delay, get your name on the list!
Read the full story and terms of this offer <>
Listen again to Smart Hal on ACB Radio.

Dolphin's Mobile Product Manager, Dave Williams, made a live appearance on ACB Radio's Main Menu, talking about Smartphones, Windows Mobile 6 and of course Smart Hal. Here's your chance to listen again.
Read the full story <>
RNIB's Access-IT review Smart Hal - Part Two.

RNIB's Access-IT magazine released their own independent review of Dolphin's new screen reader for Smartphones, Smart Hal. In this two part series, trainer and sessional tutor for Modern Eyes, Sue Allard, takes her first steps with a Smartphone and quickly gets to grips with the basics.
Read the full story <>
If you missed the first part, here is Part One <>
Dolphin Tip of the Week.

If you have visited our website in recent weeks you will notice that the homepage now contains a link to a tip of the week. Updated every Monday, this tip is designed to teach users of our software tools some new tricks to help get the most out of your software.
Tips in recent weeks include:
* Using Forms on the Internet <> (applies to: Dolphin Access Software version 7).
* Using Lists to get information from Excel Spreadsheets <> (applies to: Dolphin Access Software version 6.5 and later).
* Making use of Application Notes <> (applies to: Dolphin Access Software Version 5 and later).
* Using Microsoft Word with EasyConverter <> (applies to: Dolphin EasyConverter version 1.0).
* Making use of Magnification modes <> (version 5 and later).
* Useful Resources and Keyboard Shortcuts <> (all versions).
* Using Lists to get information from Word documents <> (version 6.5 and above).
Have you updated your Maps recently?
New map files for SuperNova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus customers are now available, and they're free!
Read the full story <>
Sightsavers take the Dolphin Pen to Africa.

Visually impaired Africans are set to have their lives transformed by the arrival on the continent of the latest generation of accessibility software for computers.
Read the full story <>
Get more from your Smartphone - Try a Free Smart Hal Tutorial.

A Windows Mobile Smartphone loaded with Smart Hal is a palm-sized powerhouse that can educate, inform, and entertain you at the touch of a button. Over the next few weeks we aim to show you what you can do with Smart Hal, aside from making and receiving telephone calls that is. In the first tutorial, we check out "Orb" which enables Smart Hal (or Pocket Hal) users to remotely access and play their music collection at home directly from their Smartphone or Pocket PC.
Read the full story <>
Lunar wins RNIB Battle of the Magnifiers - Hands down.
At this year's CSUN conference in California, two accessibility experts from the RNIB in the UK took on the daunting challenge of comparing seven screen magnification software products, live and in front of a large and experienced CSUN audience. The seven included the three market leaders including Dolphin's Lunar version 7.
Read the full story <>
EasyProducer reviewed on Emptech.

This month Emptech has released a glowing review of Dolphin's DAISY and MP3 creation tool, EasyProducer. The review is in the shape of an audio Podcast which you can listen to online.
Read the full story <>
Visit the EasyProducer product page <>
Dolphin U.S. on the Move.

Goodbye San Mateo, we've moved to New Jersey! Please update your records.
Read the full story <>
Dolphin Events.

Dolphin is involved in the following events throughout June. If you are in the area why not come and see us - it might be the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on Smart Hal or watch a demo of EasyConverter in action.
* 12th June: Equipment Demonstration Event <> (Birmingham, UK).
* 21st June: Eastbourne Blind Society <> (Eastbourne, UK).
* 22nd June: Low Vision Equipment & Information Exhibition <> (Yeovil, UK).
* 25th June: Open Day <> (Manchester, UK).
* 27th June: Local-Eyes Open Day and Exhibition <> (Kent, UK).
* 30th June: American Council for the Blind <> (Minneapolis, USA).
* 1st July: National Federation of the Blind <> (NFB) (Atlanta, USA).
* 12th July: Technology Day <> (London, UK).

Visit our website for more details of these events <> and future listings.

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Aaron Marks said...

A little bit on the late side, but I appreciate the newsletter. It's really exciting to see that assistive technology is reaching people as far away from the industrial world as Africa.