Monday, December 11, 2006

Upgrade Insanity.. And A Vista Story

Thought I dropped off the planet? Well it sure feels like it from here. I am so tired of watching progress bars. I have installed, uninstalled and trouble shot upgrades like crazy. And then there are the three betas I am in at the moment. Email piling up like unwanted Holiday Fruitcakes. It's not pretty. Here's some of the fun I have seen with some of the new, now shipping, versions of AT.

Kurzweil 11 says that it's Neospeech is newer than that of Zoom Text.
Kurzweil 10.5 won't let go of Dolphin's old synths when shutting down.
Magic 10 won't authrorize on a newly reformatted system running JAWS 8.0. They did once but now no longer friends I guess.
JAWS 7.1 Video Interceptor changes display resolution thereby knocking out the Merlin Plus Panel CCTV in the process.

And I still have to test a few Laptop CCTV units with the newly minted Zoom Text 9.04 update.
Run JAWS 8 and Magic 10 in some nasty applications like Firefox.
Install, test and optimize three systems with IE7 and sorted Assistive Technology..

Whew.. and then I have Vista and those three betas. Believe me I love my job but all these programs all at once has me thinking vacation for sure.

Oh and here's that Vista story on Sound Management BC will enjoy.

Hopefully in the next week or so I can catch up and post more interesting stuff. Just bare with me.. and wish me luck!

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