Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 06 Tech Update: The Down N' Dirty Edition

My real list of links was left at work. So the following is a poor cobbled edition. I look at it this way. We have a bonus January 07 update on hand for next week.

Steve's Word Of The Month
Definition: I can't beleive that some out there still don't know what this one is but I do run into several *non wired* individuals who don't know this one. Vaporware is the term used for a product that has either been..
A. Rumored to come to the public for years but hasn't yet.
B. A product so great in scope that there is no way it can meet it's own hype.
C. A product who flies into production, stalls, resurfaces a year or so later, stalls again then disappears into the void never to be seen again unless it is on one of those Vaporware Countdown articles like the one listed below.,72350-0.html?tw=rss.index

BTW: I saw this on the origins of famous phrases and sayings. It kinda fits in here so I will just drop this below.

!! Lightning Round

*Ttop Tech Tid Bits for Dec 28th: Like Dean Martineau over at Top Dot I am enjoying a bit of a holiday. Unlike Dean I am doing it in the same city I live in every day. Still it's a break from the hustle of the AT rat race. Rather than me try to list a ton of news I think it's better to link to Dean's list of links for AT news. Besides he linked to me so it's only fair that I link back.

* Alt Key Symbols: With me in three private and three public betas at the moment it's easy to forget keyboard commands and features. Here's a page on doing odd characters on 104 styled keyboards.

* Vorizon To Distribute Ads On Your Cell Phone: The title says it all. Hope Talks and Mobile Speak come with ad filters in the next releases. If not .. time to argue out of your cell phone contract.

* 100 Things We Didn't Know Last Year: I can't stand Countdown articles yet I still read a few and .. I am working on one now. Yes.. start your groaning and cries of hypocrocy now. Most of the entries on the link below, however, were worth a mention though.

* Firefox Creator No Longer Trusts Google: The problem with companies that asert that Microsoft is the "great evil empire" is that they too become so popular that they also become part of the problem rather than it's solution. Enter Firefox, Google and their real Big Brother Apple.

* 30 Years of Apple Rumors: Speaking of Vaporware, evil and Apple .. hold for quiet applause at an actual theme for a last second Monthly Update.. Here's a telling article on what has and hasn't happened in Macland.,39029477,49286508,00.htm

* Mac Volume Control: Oh and I don't know if this works or not until we have our Mac back up at work. So just pretend this is one of those notes under a fridge magnet for Pizza Hut until I can verify the tip.

~~ Vista corner

Maybe it's the fact that Vista is out in the wild that has me not all crazy that the consumer launch is now less than a month away. Or maybe it is the fact that I have to spend a lot of money I don't really have on upgrades that I hope will be considered work related come tax time that has me down. Either way the Vista stuff can take a bit of a break for now. Here's some semi interesting links I had floating around through my travels on the net.

* Arrow and Vista slowdowns: Hype that Arrow REALLY DOESN'T eat up tons of resources on your new shiny desktop or laptop. Note I said *new* system. Older systems.. eat RAM upgrades at will!

* Beyond Vista: I posted a link to an article a few months ago about the new code names for the next lines of Windows in the V series. Well here's some concepts that may or may not be vaporware.

More of this update next week when I clean out the inbox and dig up the other stuff I had set for this month...

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