Friday, December 22, 2006

New Stuff Coming Next Week.. No Really!

Many people off line have said to me "Hey.. you were adding stuff like crazy in October and November. And now .. zip. What happened?". Ah what happened indeed.

Let's see I have been up to my ears in updates, betas, repairs and trouble shooting all that stuff as well. Mind you I am not complaining one bit. Bubble wrap is just as cool as gift wrap for me. But what I am saying is that time is something I need to be delivered to me by elves rather than more toys. For once i can say honestly I have enough toys.. for now. Although a New Year's Resolution for 07 may be to take on fewer betas. I actually said no to one major vender recently and it felt bad/good at the same time. Or maybe that was just the relief of one less bug tracking system to learn talking.

While I am on about this beta cycle mess let me say this. I am very excited about what products are coming in 07. There is some crazy competition going on the Screen Magnifier world the likes we have never seen before. There are real viable alternatives in Screen Reader land as well. And I think the Note Taker PDA universe is going to be even more exciting by ATIA or CSUN. In short there are some real good things in Assistive Technology ahead. And that ain't me blowin' smoke either.

So I used to say many years ago in radio "Please Stand By". Next week will be the December 06 Update, some thoughts on Hand Held/4 inch CCTVs and a fond look back at the big stories of 06.

Until then I wish you and yours a Happy Holiday season!

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