Thursday, October 05, 2006

Vista Corner: RC2?, Startup Noises and Title Bars

Expect Build 5744 to show up in the next 24 to 48 hours if Ars Technica and the Super Site for Windows are correct. If your keeping score this is the second release in the 57xx catagory which is considered the road to RTM schedule for October 25th. It will be released to the public for a very short time. So keep hitting refresh and you might get lucky.

There was this big deal a few weeks ago about Microsoft pulling an Apple in that you could not alter your startup/boot sounds in Vista. The net outcry was so great on this issue that in RC1 it was revealed that you could indeed alter your startup sound schemes. However those not running this build still think that it is an issue. Oh the joys of beta testing and those who do not upgrade their builds.

And then there's this from the Classic for Classic Sake department. Some can now rest easy because title bars will now look like title bars. Screen Readers ignore the link below because it's like this visual thing.

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