Tuesday, October 03, 2006

September 06 Tech Update: The "Better Late Than Never" Edition

What a month for news. It’s been feast or fanon lately. But I have cobbled together some bits of wisdom from around the net to make this update. Even if it’s a little later than I normally would like it to be.

Also after two years of writing this thing I am beginning to play with the format. So this month’s late issue is just my notes pasted into the blog. Sorry about that. Maybe by Halloween I will have figured out what I want to do next with the updates.

* September Stories: To catch up on Jonathan Mozen, Ai Squared’s sale and other big news hit this link for the mini updates I posted for September.


* More On Mozen: This is the article that has sparked debate on dozens of mailing lists since the Main Menu interview a few weeks ago.


* Telesensory: Baby steps? There’s talk that the revamped TSI has a new line under wraps for an 07 release.


Neat GW Micro article: Also take a look at some of their other great knowledge base articles for some good learnin’.


* Dragon 9: A great review from the awesomeness that is Ars Technica.


* New tool from Nuance


* Speech Recognition Chips? Speaking of Speech Recognition the future may be on a chip rather than a software approach.


* Happy Feet: Don’t like talking to your computer? How about dancing.. This article describes the mouse to foot interface. And no. I am really really serious.


* Sony gives away E Readers: Sony’s second attempt at an electronic book costs $349, comes only in black/white/gray scale, 800 by 600 resolution and will now play MP3 and AAC files. Oh yeah and it does some type of large print. Here’s an article about a give away of the product to Low Vision users.


* Windows Tools List: While a lot of these may not be completely AT compatible.. there are some here I haven’t ever seen before period.


* LCD Vs. Plasma: Ever wanted to know what the dilly’o was on why some like one over the other? Well I personally prefer DLP but for those others looking to buy this Xmas read this to know more about all these letters beyond those that make up TV.


~~ Vista Corner

* Vista Myths: This is a fantastic series of articles at ZDNet that tackles the rumors behind what Vista is and isn’t.


* RC2.. Sort Of:: Self explanatory when you read the article listed below.


~~ Apple Sauced

* Tiger 10.4.8: The new Tiger update, a big Security Patch and another Airport support download came out last month.


* Classic Mac OS on a Thumbdrive: Another file for that 4 gig USB drive of stuff you hope you never have to use in a bad situation.


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