Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Quick News: IE7 Hits Today, Vista Licensing and Window Eyes 6 Beta

Internet Explorer 7: Today marks the day where the quiet calm from Microsoft is broken with a storm of new product releases. IE7 is the first of several new products to be released over the next 8 months. And it's going to be out today via download. And then it will be added to November's Patch Tuesday list. Remember that your Assistive Software of choice MAY, KINDA, SORTA work with IE7 but the official versions that officially DO work with AT come over the next few weeks. Just keep that in mind if you are pondering the upgrade because going back to IE6 can be a messy process.

Vista Licensing: There's a ton on the web about this issue and I have hesitated in speaking my mind on it as it's still fluid until Vista's official release. But I have been reading the newly revamped Longhornblogs, called Windows-now.com, for up to the second info on this story that has sparked a thousand bloggers. Check out the new site at..


Window Eyes 6 Beta: G.W. Micro has released the public beta of their new upcoming version of the popular Screen Reader. I know a gal who has been in the beta program and she raves about the new functionality in Office. Plus you can download this version and start playing with IE7 if you so desire. Shout out to Jeff Bishop as well as Main Menu will feature the new Window Eyes 6 as this week's topic. To find and download the new beta go to this link..


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J-Squared said...

The beta looks great so far. Powerpoint is an absolute godsend, such as when you arrow around in a slide and Win-Eyes tells you where the object is moving to on the screen. Web pages also load a lot faster with the new version. As usual, there's some catch-up as well. Fixing Skype rectifies a major GW blunder who had it working and then broke it while Jaws still had decent support for it. Key describer and the battery level hotkey are also nice, though they're nothing new to screen readers. Half the time, the screen readers are just catching up to each other, such as Jaws 8.0's ability to select recent searches in the find dialogue.