Saturday, September 16, 2006

Quick News: new Access World, Zoom Text Enhanced Vision

The new issue of Access World is on line now. See it at:

Ai Squared: Zoom Text will have an update coming in mid October. One key feature in the 9.04 update will allow ZT to be compatible with the soon to be released Internet Explorer 7. This update will be free and I hope others in the AT Industry follow suit. IE7, as you might remember, will be released as a Windows Critical Update. And if you aren't paying attention you could select it in a mass download of patches thereby causing you some problems with your access software of choice. The 9.04 update will also return ZT to being compatible with the Magnalink Student software used by that particular Laptop CCTV model. You may have read on Access World recently that Dolphin was the way to go right now if you use the Student line from Low Vision International and soon you can use ZT again with little conflicts.

Enhanced Vision: Recently there was a change to the Jordy Head mounted CCTV. The company changed the monitors on the device to a 16x9 ratio over the standard 4x3. The result is a more panoramic look. We have the new model in at the Unit and I dare say the screens look a bit brighter as well. The optics/internal design, however, has not been altered. So those wondering out there need not be concerned if they just got one of these fine CCTVs.

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