Saturday, September 16, 2006

Office 2007 Technical Refresh Is Out And It Is Good!

It's a whopping 494 MB .exe file and it takes as long to load as it does to get it from the web on a slow DSL connection but it's a must have if your running Office 07 Beta 2.

Of interest to Low Vision users is the new Black color scheme for the Ribbon. The highlighting is better in that view and you get a real sense of navigation at lower magnification levels.

For Screen Reader users you will find that things tab, arrow and just plain work a bit more logically. Better yet more things were spoken without resorting to the Virtual Cursor.

So if you already have Beta 2 of Office 07 run and get this patch. If you are on the fence about Office 07 and you have a computer to spare for testing then run and download this new Beta. It will cost you a few dollars, like $5 at the most for shipping and the like, but you have the Beta until June of 07. That's just pennies a day for months of premium Office goodness.

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