Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Quick Bits On Dolphin, Levelstar and Humanware

Dolphin USA has reopened their main site officially, it kind of changed a week or so ago, under it's new domain. It follows in the long list of site redesigns by others such as Kurzweil Education Systems with text on the left, middle and right side of the screen. Check it out at..


Levelstar has released pricing and will be shipping the Linux based Icon later this month. Read this nice blurg I found at Blind News.


I have been asked off line about my personal opinion in regards to Mr. Mozen's decision to make the switch. Well I don't think all the cards are on the table with the story just yet. Read this ..

"Dear Valued Customer

I want to thank you for entrusting us with your business and I want to let you know some of the important improvements we are making at HumanWare.

Since my appointment twelve months ago as President of HumanWare USA my focus has been on continuous improvement. Listening to your concerns has been the primary influence for change during my time at HumanWare USA. As we are a global company, Dr. Richard Mander, Group CEO, has reaffirmed this commitment to our customers internationally which has resulted in change across the group.

To understand your needs, we have engaged in discussions with end users, agencies and advocacy groups. Two common themes highlighted from these discussions were product reliability and improved customer service.

Product reliability has been addressed at the global level by Dr. Mander with changes in both manufacturing and development. We have recognized problems and communicated the resolution of those problems to keep you informed. The HumanWare group is now positioned to better ensure quality control and quickly respond to potential issues. In addition all HumanWare manufacturing is ISO compliant.

Although some of these changes may impact individuals there remains a dedicated team of developers who are now listening to all of our customers rather than the personal desires of any individual. This will result in future products addressing the needs of the market rather than the whims of an individual.

In the US, you're talking and we are listening. We have changed a number of things in response to customers concerns:

* Technical Support staff has doubled.
* The number of Service Technicians has also doubled.
* We've consolidated our customer service staff in one location and one toll free number.
* More experienced users of adaptive technology have been hired and now represent a third of all US staff.
* Product and customer service training has increased in all departments.
* We have joined the Better Business Bureau to facilitate customer feedback and ensure third party monitoring.

With these changes, you can expect a quicker response and a better overall experience when calling us.

Customer feedback is essential for this to be a continuous improvement process and I encourage you to continue. I am confident that these changes will improve your experience, so effective October 1st all technical support calls will be toll free and reachable though our standard 800 numbers.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Philip Rance
President and CEO
HumanWare USA Incorporated.

175 Mason Circle
Concord CA 94520
800-722-3393 "

Like I said up above. There are still a few more chapters to go..


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