Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wierd Al's Newest Takes On Digital Downloaders

If you read the Ranger Station then you already know that I am a Wierd Al fan. I grew up on Doctor Demento and I actually saw Al live on Tom Schnider's show on NBC ages ago. I also saw Wendy O'Williams with the chainsaw, a school bus and a wall of TVs. What can I say we only had three major networks back then folks. But back to Al. He recently explained how he makes less money on ITunes than the actual sale of a CD. This is because the current contracts for most established stars still eat money out songs sold for packaging, marketing and other Record Company BS. So Al makes far far less with downloads than physical media sales.

Other bands know of this too and acts like Radiohead do not release their songs or backcatalogs for digital distribution. I REFUSE to use ITMS because of DRM, moreover, I don't like how the artist gets canibalized with per song downloading. But more than that I am not paying money to Apple because I don't use IPods either due to lack of accessibility to those with disabillities. Yeah.. I have issues.

Well Al has a new CD coming out and he has released a new song via My Space. Check it out ..

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