Thursday, August 31, 2006

180 Degrees In The Other Direction

Oh man if this is true you are talking about serious change in the sounds of Blindness AT. This is big. No wait .. it's epic.

What the hell am I talking about? Well if you know AT then undoubtably you have heard of Jonathan Mozen. But here let me let him tell you the news in his own words..

Hi all,

I no longer have access to the HumanWare e-mail system, so no
there are people not receiving this message who should be, and probably a
few misspellings along the way.

This message is to say goodbye, as today I left HumanWare. I have been
offered, and after some reflection have accepted, a position as a
Vice-President of Freedom Scientific. While making the decision hasn't
easy, having put my heart and soul into the BrailleNote, to have the
to sit around the senior management table of such a significant technology
company was, in the end, irresistible, and an opportunity not available to
me at HumanWare at present.

The last three years have been an incredible journey in so many ways.
to the people who've developed it, manufactured it, promoted it, supported
it and sold it, the BrailleNote has gone from strength to strength. While
it's always difficult to single people out, it has been a particular
for me to work with Jonathan Sharp, who has been one of my heroes for over
20 years. Similarly, I've known Maurice about just as long. His infinite
patients and profound knowledge is a marvel to me and I envy it. Working
with such brilliant people up close has been amazing.

While lots of international travel may seem pretty glamorous to people who
don't get to do it too often, it's pretty hard work, but the rewards are
great HumanWare people I've had the honour to get to know as friends all
around the world. Whether it's Pedro trying to do Lewis Armstrong, Jim
introducing me to an exciting new wine, or Dominic making me wish I hadn't
forgotten my BrailleNote GPS, I've had plenty of precious memories that I
will always recall fondly.

There've been tough times too, particularly the deaths of Russell and
Marian, and later Dean Jackson, and those times have reminded me how
protective and caring the HumanWare family is.

To those of you remaining, what you do truly makes a difference. Not
everyone can go home at night knowing that in some way, they've helped to
make life better for someone. I think everyone in HumanWare can.

I will miss you all, but believe that this is the right career move for me
to make.

To those of you who attend the conferences, I guess I'll see you as you
by the FS booth.

Take care, and thank you all so much for your friendship and your hard
for the BrailleNote.

With very fond regards,


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