Sunday, August 27, 2006

Reviews Come Rolling In Pre RC1..

Some say that the proof is in the pudding. Well get your spoons ready as there's a Snack Pack of goodness heading our way very soon from Microsoft.

The new public release of Windows Vista hits sometime in September and like Beta 2 before it you will have a chance to download it and suffer with the rest of us testers. As I have said before don't even think about this if your not a very experienced user because it will be rough seas. And most AT Venders are not in Beta yet. So running your fave software of choice may not even be an option to you when RC1 hits the streets. I can say with some confidence that Narrator is better. No .. really it is.. stop making those faces!

Today, in my attempts to post content on a regular basis again, I give you some musings from around the net that are Build 5536 related.

This first one is posted as a bit of vindication of my NFB presentation back in July. Robert Sinclair wasn't really happy with me when I said that 1 GB of RAM was good for as a starting point. This article even goes so far as to agree with one AT Vender's assessment that 2 GB is better. And it discusses the Flash Memory option that will have me either upgrading my not even one year old Dell or have me shopping for a Windows Vista Logo system. Sigh.. obsolete the day I cracked the box I am affraid.

Next the Windows Super Site gives us a quick glimpse of 5536 as a precursor to Paul's RC1 Review.

And then we have my fave new site on everything Vista. Longhorn Blogs has their take on 5536.

Also check out the 5536 Guide. It's a nice way to pass the time until we all hit the refresh key for Vista downloads next month.

Oh yeah.. Someone asked me off line about what I will do when Vista finally comes out and I have nothing else to grumble on for hours and pages to no end. The answer my friends is simple.. Office 2007.

Actually I will probably move on to Blackcomb, renamed Vienna, which is slated for release in 2009-10. But why get ahead of ourselves. We still have..

Magic 10.5, Magic 11, JAWS 8, Zoom Text 9.1, Open Book 8, Kurzweil 11, Window Eyes 6, Dolphin 8 and so many other programms to get to first.

And hey if that doesn't scare you enough here's a link to an article where Toyota gives it's cars the ability to see objects.

I don't want one until they can fit it into a Black Trans Am. Although it would be cool as all get out if Toyota brought back the red moving Cylon light for the hood. "KITT.. I need you budddy!".

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