Sunday, January 01, 2012

My Top Ten Of 2011: Number 7

le heck of a lot on the SeroTalk Weekly podcasts. So I will just say that I still believe the ones who will have more mainstream acceptance of any autonomous vehicles is Google. The year saw Google get permission from Nevada to allow the Google car on the streets for testing, the unit has performed extremely well and the only wreck in a Google Car has been when a human was driving which says a lot. While I think the number seven story from the panel serves as a neat accomplishment, in the end, if we are ever to have a “Knight Industries Two Thousand” or “K.I.T.T., it will have to come from someone like Google and it will not allow anyone, not just the Blind, manual control. Plus, as my friend Jeff Bishop pointed out to me on Twitter, can you even imagine the insurance rates on a car like the one described in the link below to the panel’s seventh story?

It is back to the focus on mobiles for what I voted as my seventh story…

Nokia Partners with Code Factory for Free Screen Reader
The return of the licensed technology model made a comeback in 2011. Moreover, this story also shows the power for having accessibility on board as demonstrated by Google’s Talkback for Android and Apple’s VoiceOver. To remain a viable choice for Education or Government purchase, there must be access. And we now have journeyed from an expectation to a demand for it in the realm of mobile devices. But before you say “whatever, that’s a dying platform anyway” please realize that Symbian is a very large platform still in the EU and other countries outside the US. This deal allows those who rely on those phones to continue to have access until the next big thing migrates their way.

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