Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My Top Ten Of 2011: Number 4

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the picks I have are now starting to mesh with the rest of the group as you can see from the Blind Bargains article link.

And here is the full paragraph I submitted that had a little more, and probably too much per my usual, commentary.

Code Factory Releases Mobile Accessibility for Android
one of the bigger stories in 2011 has to be the products that came from the Spanish shores of Code Factory. TV Speak, the licensing of technology for Nokea phones, updates to their existing product lines and of course the introduction of Mobile Accessibility for Android devices. Even more stunning was the decision to unbundle the Accessible Browser, arguably one of the best features of the MA suite, as a separate standalone download on the Android market for 1/5 the price of MA. Code Factory has truly shown that they can thrive in the new world of Accessibility. Kudos!

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