Saturday, July 04, 2009

May’s Poll Results And New Poll Added For July!

Yeah, I skipped June. Sorry about that folks. But enough about that, lets look at the results of who wanted to go where this summer.

May’s Poll Question: Which Summer Convention Are You Going To Attend?

ACB 2 (16%)
NFB 1 (8%)
Sight Village 1 (8%)
The Nearest Sci Fi Or Comic Convention 0 (0%)
Travel? I've Got The Internet Thank You Very Much! 8 (66%)

Many of you chose to stay at home and stream the conventions where ever possible. And I can’t blame you considering the cost of things these days. I am amazed though that some 3,000 people came to Detroit though. And they come from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii. However, for my fellow friends down in the Southern parts of the US, I’m loving 63 degrees in July. A guy could grow used to this. Along with being just a stone’s throw from Canada to boot.. eh?

This month’s poll question comes directly from the responses I’ve read about the interest and the reviews of Voiceover on the iPhone. Plus I have to say that the approach Humanware, Code Factory and RIM are taking with the Blackberry peeked my curiosity too. But with so many options now for us on the Mobile platforms, and with contracts always expiring, what platform do you think You want to use on your next phone?

July’s Poll Question: What Cell Phone Platform Do You Want To Buy For Your Next Accessible Phone?

Windows Mobile with Mobile Speak or Talks
Synbian with Mobile Speak or Talks
Blackberry with Orator
The iPhone

We sure have come a long way in just a year when it comes to mobile options for communication. And I am really interested to see how this poll turns out.

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